Allison szabelski

Phlebotomy, IV, C.P.R. Instructor




6105 S. Main Street, Suite 200 - Aurora, CO 80016


Description: 1-day 4 hour IV certification course. This course entirely is designed to know how to place IV catheters great for nurses or anyone wanting to further there medical career. Certificate of completion provided. Updated with the latest venipuncture practices, this program will focus on the identification of complications, their causes, and appropriate interventions to take to support the patient and restore safe and effective therapy.
OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, the student should be able to:
•    Describe the uses of IV therapy
•    Identify appropriate sites for venipuncture
•    Identify equipment used to provide IV therapy
•    Perform venipuncture
•    infiltration
•    extravasation
•    occlusions
•    vein irritation/pain at the venipuncture site
•    a severed catheter
•    hematoma
•    venous spasm
•    thrombosis/thrombophlebitis
•    nerve, tendon or ligament damage
•    circulatory overload
•    septicemia
•    air embolism
•    allergic reaction
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