Be part of a growing field in our Denver phlebotomy School and be phlebotomy certified. At Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy School we will help you learn the basics to drawing blood and being confident in your job as a phlebotomist. We take you through all of the job scenarios that you would go through. Our students choose us for our unlimited phlebotomy training program and prices. Our phlebotomy training courses come with unlimited blood draws. Our instructors are all working phlebotomist so you can feel good about up to date training in the field. Our classes are for beginners and for those who just need a refresher phlebotomy course. Students have so much fun in class we are more of an exciting event rather than a college classroom. We train police officers, nurses, midwives, CNS students, medical assistants or anyone that would like to get a job as a phlebotomist. Contact us if you have any question about certification.
Look into our 6 months payment plan to get you started you will not be charged interest or fees or any minimum payment during the 6 month period as long as your balance is paid in full before the 6 months. Our average student finds a position within 16 days after the taking our class.
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